We are a creative event agency for forward thinking clients.  we streamline logistics and craft unforgettable moments.

We are used to parting the seas, pushing boundaries, and coloring outside the lines.

  • Founded by event planner Kristin Garuba in 2003, Kristin Garuba Events is one of the most respected event design and planning firms.

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”Even after hundreds of events, I still love what I do.

Chalk it up to seeing an event flawlessly executed and all the guests having a remarkable time.

I am deeply appreciative of each client that entrusts their event to us and provides us with the opportunity to shape their lives. As the principal designer and planner for each event, I ensure each client is given the time and attention they deserve.

Working with clients is a challenging and rewarding process. I love the challenge of seeking inspiration and then jumping feet first into creative unique designs and anticipating pitfalls. The most rewarding part is when they call again for our assistance to plan their next special occasion.

I look forward to working with you and can’t wait to start creating!”



For 16 years, Kristin Garuba has provided guidance to and developed long-lasating relationships with each of her clients. Building a diverse resume, Krsitin has long become a sought-after expert in logistics, event design, contract negotiations and communications in all events from corporate, non-profit, weddings and social events of various scale. She has established a reputation for excellent event management, producing events with innovative and fresh design perspectives.

Kristin is known to be calm under pressure and has a unique perspective coming from a global corporate background. With nearly 10 years in the pharmaceutical industry and an MBA with a specialty in Entrepreneurship, Kristin’s unique skillset in contract negotiations and an innate abilty to manage complicated details. Busy professionals who live out of state or country are particularly appreciative of the specialty she has created in multiple-day events and full event production from concept through execution.